The Oaklands Community Centre is Closed until further notice.

COVID-19 RESOURCES for children, Youth, and Families

Social distancing while shopping

Essential shopping can be tricky during the Covid-19 lockdown. Here are some tips that will help to keep yourself and others safe.

COVID-19 Glossary

Confused by COVID-19 terminology? Click here for a glossary of pandemic terms that will help you understand the world today.

Who is open for business?

Check the Open Business Directory to see what local restaurants and service providers are still operating (restaurants, grocery stores, retailers, etc.):

Ways to talk about COVID-19 at home

VIDEOS: Managing Stress & Anxiety around COVID-19

Includes a playlist of 6 videos on a variety of topics including: managing stress and anxiety at home, and in the workplace, speaking to your child, knowing the risks of COVID-19, and what to do when stress becomes panic. Here is a summary of the videos with written tips.

CBC segment with Dr. Dina Kulik on talking to your child about COVID-19. She says when communicating with children about COVID-19 parents and health-care providers should take an honest approach. She suggests teaching kids what they can do to minimize risk. 

Children's books about COVID-19

A supportive and reassuring book explaining children (up to age 7). Available in a variety of languages. 

My Coronavirus Story - an online flip book explaining what COVID-19 is, and how it spreads. 

Parenting during COVID-19

Sample daily at home schedule created by a therapist, and an extensive list of at home activities. 

Activities to do at Home

We are putting together a fun list of activities to do from home. Check it out here.