Oaklands Community Association Board Meetings




1. Call to Order 

1.1. Roll Call 

1.2. Motion for approval of agenda 

1.3. Motion for approval of last meeting's minutes 

2. Public Consultations 

3. Old Business 

4. Correspondence 

5. City Liaison Representatives 

6. President's Report 

6.1. Motion: Accept President's Report 

7. Treasurer's Report 

7.1. Budget Review 

7.2. Motion: Accept Treasurer's Report 

8. Executive Director's Report 

8.1. Motion: Accept Executive Director's Report 

9. Land Use Committee Report 

10. Parks 

11. Communications 

12. HR 

13. New Business 

14. Adjournment 

14.1. Next meeting 

Board Meetings

Board Meetings take place on the second Monday of each month from 7:00-9:00pm. Meetings take place in the Green Room at the Oaklands Neighbourhood House at 2629 Victor Street. 

If you would like to address the Board please email board@oaklandsca.com


Societies Act (pdf)


OCA By-laws 2019Revision (pdf)


Oct 2019 General Meeting (pdf)