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Remembering Laurie Morgan

It is with sadness we let you know that Board Member Laurie Morgan passed away last Sunday.

Laurie was a passionate community member, volunteer, grandfather and had a strong belief in helping the Oaklands Neighbourhood to develop in a positive and sustainable way. Laurie was highly deliberative and thoughtful in his approach as a board member and was a good listener. As a team player, he took his responsibilities seriously and when OCA was having some difficulties in the past Laurie stepped up and helped right the ship. Laurie will be missed.

There will be a morning service for Laurie on 

November 9 at 10:30am St Aidan's United Church,  3703 St Aidans St. 


Oakland Neighbourhood Plan

FORWARD 50 Speaker Night - October 30, 2019 @ UVIC

What will Oaklands be like in 50 years? How do you want your neighbourhood to develop with sustainability and quality of life in mind? 

Join us for the FORWARD 50 Speaker Night on October 30th to hear local experts speak about their vision for Oaklands over the next five decades. You will hear inspirational, innovative ideas for how Oaklands, as a neighbourhood, can make tangible, meaningful changes to address the climate crisis, social inclusion, affordability, emergency preparedness, and more. 

Tickets: This is a free, all ages, public event. The speaker night will be live streamed and recorded.  

Topics: urban planning and design, housing, transportation, greenspace, building community, local economies, food systems, and social connections. 

Speakers: Check back here for speaker bios and topics. 

Location: The FORWARD 50 Speaker Night is held at the David Lam Auditorium at the University of Victoria. The auditirium is located in the MacLaurin Music Building. See a map here for the closest on campus parking options. Buses 4, 14, 9 all arrive at the UVIC bus hub, nearby the auditorium. 

For more information see here.


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Reception Centre Exercise at Oaklands Community Centre - October 26, 2019

"WANTED: Individuals and families to portray “Evacuees” who have been displaced from their homes due to a major fire. Break out your acting skills and volunteer to participate in Emergency Management Victoria’s emergency reception centre exercise on Saturday, October 26 from 12:30 – 2 p.m. at the Oaklands Community Centre, 2827 Belmont Avenue. " 

Have you ever wanted to see what's inside those big shipping containers? This is your chance! Drop in between 12:30-2pm on Saturday, October 26th and see the Oaklands Community Centre transformed into an emergency reception centre. Trained Victoria Red Cross Emergency Support Services (ESS) will take the opportunity to put their training to use. 

For more details visit Victoria Ready.

Facebook event here.


Community Projects

My Great Neighbourhood Grant - Deadline October 15, 2019

"The My Great Neighbourhood Grant program is all about community.

The program helps residents animate public space, develop and enhance a sense of community and leave a positive legacy in our neighbourhoods. 

You are invited to apply! If you are interested in applying for a My Great Neighbourhood Grant, consider the grant policy to get a good understanding of the program.  Here is a tip sheet which you may find helpful. If you are interested in a community art project, please look at the guidelinesthat apply to those types of projects. You can then review the checklist as you develop your project idea to make sure that you are considering everything. Once you have developed a concept for a project, you should schedule a meeting to discuss the idea with the Neighbourhood Advisor for the location. You must meet with staff before you submit your application. Once you have met with staff and confirmed that your idea is ready to submit, please complete the application form."



Oaklands Community Association - October E-Newsletter

Learn about what's going on in the Oaklands neighbourhood! 

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Child care in Oaklands

Belmont Park Childcare Studios Update

SD61 has submitted an application for two childcare learning studios to be located in Belmont Park (corner of Belmont Ave and Hamilton Rd). These learning studios will be operated by the Oaklands Community Association and will include infant & toddler, preschool and out of school care spaces, with priority given to families living within the future September 2020 Oaklands Elementary School catchment . There is no set opening date as of this time however as soon as the application has been approved, we will have an anticipated opening date. To be eligible for upcoming infant, toddler and preschool spaces, please complete the Little Acorn waitlist application For out of school spaces, please contact Cindy Allen (250) 370 – 9101 ext.1  . 



Oaklands Community Association - September E-Newsletter

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Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan

Oaklands Garden Tour + Community Visioning Workshop - Times Colonist, September 21, 2019

Read the full article here

"Residents in the 1400 block of Lang Street in Victoria’s Oaklands will be out today planning their boulevard gardens that together will create a series of habitats for pollinators along the street. They’re still waiting to hear whether there are any underground lines below the boulevard before they start digging, so today they will likely be out with rope and string, planning their plots and creating preliminary designs for the gardens.

Batory’s goal for the project is two-fold. She hopes the gardens will create a greater sense of community for residents, while providing food and shelter for pollinating insects."


Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan

About Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan - CHEK TV, August 12, 2019

Watch the clip here

“The next 50 years are going to see unprecedented changes.  Environmentally, socially…all the pressures that are coming down, so we need to have people stand up and say ‘ok, these are the values we want to have moving forward.’ ”

The delivery date to the City of Victoria for the Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan is December 2020."


Community Gardens in Oaklands

Oswald and Clawthorpe parks possible sites for Oaklands Community Garden - Vic News, August 5, 2019

Link to Vic News article: here 

"“We really want to have a mix of plots and commons so it feels like a welcoming pace people can walk though, pick some berries, enjoy the benches and kids play areas…it has so much potential for bringing communities together, and beauty and pollinators.”



Oaklands Community Association - August E-Newsletter

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Oaklands Elementary

Oaklands Elementary Walking School Bus on CHEK TV

See the clip here

“We really value all the things that a close neighbourhood and a close community has to offer,” says Davies, “and so this project has just been another one of those opportunities for our kids to feel what it’s like to be part of a community.”

Mack estimates that more than 100 kids and parents have hopped on board the Oaklands Walking School Bus.

“To see the pride in the eyes of the kids,” says Mack, “to really see that they can contribute to the community while having fun and getting exercise, and keeping some cars off the road…it is a big success!”


Oaklands Recreation

Retired doctor gives back by teaching kids tennis - CHEK TV, July 7, 2018

Watch the clip here

"The Society for Kids at Tennis, better known as KATS, was founded by one man, a doctor, looking for something to fill his days in retirement.  KATS offers free tennis lessons to children who might not otherwise have access to the sport.

“It got started about five years ago,” says Silverberg.  “Being retired, and having had a wonderful life, I was looking for someway to give back.”