Community Garden in Oaklands




The Oaklands Community Association (OCA) is considering possible locations to build a community garden in the Oaklands neighbourhood. Currently, a group of volunteers is investigating the possibility of a community garden in Oswald Park. The OCA’s vision is to create an enhanced public space where children can cultivate an appreciation for nature’s bounty, where neighbours of all ages rub shoulders, and where those without land can grow healthy food. At this stage of the project, the OCA is looking for community input to help shape a community garden project that is a good fit for our neighbourhood.  


  • The design includes both an allotment garden and a commons garden
  • Membership of the allotment garden would be administered by the Oaklands Community Association 
  • The garden would be maintained by allotment-holders and community volunteers 
  • The allotment garden would have 20–30 plots, including several accessible raised beds 
  • The commons garden could include native, edible and pollinator plants and flowers 
  • Other features include a deer fence, tool shed, compost bins, benches, and community gathering space 

Your involvement in this process is important! What do you think of having community garden in Oswald Park? Would you like to help with the design? Would you like to volunteer to help build the garden?  Would you like to be on our email list for updates on next steps? Let us know!

The following contains background information on the Oaklands Community Garden project, along with maps to illustrate the total potential footprint and location of community garden being considered in Oswald Park.  In August 2019 the Oaklands Community association submitted an Expression of Interest to the City of Victoria for a garden in Oswald Park. The feedback was positive. We are moving forward with community consultation. 

The consultation period will be open from January 1 , 2020 – February 15, 2020. Your feedback on the idea of having a community garden within Oswald Park is important, and you are invited to be in touch in the following ways:

Participate in the design workshop: Sunday, January 19, 2020, 3-6pm, Oaklands Community Centre (Facebook event here)
View the proposed designs at the design open house: Sunday, February 2, 2020, 1-4pm, Oaklands Community Centre

Complete the online survey:  

Phone: 250-370-9101 ext. 4


City of Victoria Parks Department: 

Background Information and Vision


The City of Victoria is committed to “increase food production on public land including increasing community gardens in all neighbourhoods in the city, and building urban food systems into our parks operations”, and this goal appears in the City’s current Strategic Plan (Strategic Objective #5: Health, Well-Being and a Welcoming City, pg. 20). As part of the City’s ongoing community gardening initiative, the Oakland Community Association has secured funding to build a community garden in our neighbourhood. 

For more information on the process of initiating a community garden, and the City of Victoria’s requirements and regulations please visit “Building a Community Garden on City Land.”  The OCA greatly appreciates the support and expertise of the City of Victoria staff during our planning process.  Community surveys and early visioning exercises to date have helped our group form the following vision of a community garden in Oaklands:


The vision for a community garden in Oaklands is a garden that includes both common garden areas and 20-30 individual allotment gardens. Allotment gardens would be raised beds gardens that would be rented and maintained by individuals. There would be a percentage of wheelchair accessible beds. The common garden would have a native and pollinator plants and edible perennials (ie. berry bushes and small fruit trees) with educational signage so that people strolling through the park could stop to nibble on berries, cut a sprig of herbs for their dinner, and perhaps gather some flowers for their table. We envision flower-lined entryways and paths, a wheelchair-accessible main path and beds. We would also like to incorporate a teaching area that could be used by local schools, colleges, and community groups. The gardens would have deer fencing with unlocked gates, and would be designed with open sightlines to ensure public safety.  The garden would not impact the use of the existing basketball court or the walking paths. It would however, require the relocation of the volleyball polls. We are working with the City to determine a good location for the volleyball posts to be relocated to. 

See the August 5, 2019 article by Vic News about a potential community garden in Oaklands!

See the January 19, 2020 follow up article by Vic News about our workshop and upcoming proposal. 




1. What is the current status of the Oaklands Neighbourhood Community Garden plan?

The Oaklands Community Association has secured funding to build a community garden our neighbourhood. Currently, the OCA is looking for community input to help shape a community garden that is a good fit for our neighbourhood. A group of volunteers is investigating opportunities on City of Victoria land, including Oswald Park . 

2. Who would operate the Oaklands Neighbourhood Community Garden?

The Oaklands Community Association would operate this community garden. Volunteer Coordinator Grants are available from the City of Victoria, for community gardens that are in compliance the City’s Community Garden Policy.




3. Who could use the Oaklands Neighbourhood Community Garden?

The community garden can include both common garden areas and allotment garden areas. All community members will be welcome to use common areas. Allotment garden areas would be rented to individuals, in accordance with the City of Victoria’s User Agreement policy for Community Gardens.

4. What are the next steps and how can I get involved in the project?

The community garden project is currently in the public consultation phase, beginning with surveys and canvassing the neighbours of Oswald Park. Next steps will be determined by the results of the neighbourhood input. Upon identifying a location and size that is suitable for the community garden in our neighbourhood, the OCA will propose a preliminary garden design. The garden design will be available to the public, with opportunities to provide feedback on preliminary garden designs. For updates on public input opportunities, please contact the OCA at 250-370-9101 ext. 4, or via email at

Potential Community Garden Location Options





(3000 Block Cedar Hill Road)
The green footprint outlines the total potential footprint of the community garden.  The proposed location of the community garden lies to the north of the basketball court within the walking path that circles Oswald Park.