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What Youth Want

This video of Oaklands Youth expressing what they'd like to see was presented at the Forward 50 Speaker's Night. Thank you Eva Olcen for putting this together.


SAVE THE DATE: Family Picnic at Oswald Park

We're throwing a picnic! The Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan steering committee is hosting a totally free family friendly picnic in Oswald Park on Sunday, May 3 from 11am-2pm. There will be free food, ice cream, kids activities, and entertainment! The ONP will also be there asking you how we can, as a neighbourhood, unite North and South Oaklands into one awesome neighbourhood! Stay tuned for more details.

This event is free to attend and everyone is welcome. Thank you to the City of Victoria for helping us make this event happen through a My Great Neighbourhood Grant! 

Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan

At the April 25, 2019 Annual General Meeting, The Oaklands Community Association announced that we will be beginning community consultation resulting in a document to be delivered to the City of Victoria. The Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan is considered as "Neighbourhood-Led Local Area Planning Activities." 

You can read the Terms of Reference for this group here. 


Instead of going neighbourhood by neighbourhood, the City is grouping neighbourhoods by the urban villages and the mobility and transportation corridors that connect them. In October 2019 they announced that this process will be done in three phases. 

Phase 1: North Park, Fernwood, and Hillside-Quadra

Phase 2: Rockland, Fernwood, North and South Jubilee

Phase 3: Oaklands and James Bay 

The updated Local Area Plans will focus on integrated planning for land use, transportation, urban design-and public realm, and limiting the scope to urban villages, town centres, frequent transit and mobility corridors in three phases. The result will be a new and updated local area and neighbourhood plans, guidelines and regulations that guide new housing and businesses development and public space design. 

Each phase will begin with creating a working group, made up community members and stakeholders who will help the City gather feedback from a diverse and inclusive representation of the community.  According to the City, this community input will help the City achieve goals the goals in the Official Community Plan , Victoria Housing Strategy , Climate Leadership Strategy, Sustainable Mobility Strategy , Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan at a local level.

The Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan (ONP) steering committee has been engaged in the Neighbourhood-Led Local Area Planning Activities since June 2019. 

The ONP steering committee is a volunteer team made up of homeowners, renters, business owners, parents, and volunteers.

If you would like to be involved with the steering committee or the working groups, please email Sarah at

Watch the CHEK News Vital People Spotlight here

Public Engagement Events & Workshops

Not able to attend the event? Feel free to follow the links to a survey of the same questions posed at each event. 

(You will notice that most questions will be asked during more than one survey. This has been done in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible.) 

Annual General Meeting - April 25, 2019 

complete the survey here

Oaklands Street Party - May 11, 2019

complete the survey here

Oaklands Community Dinner - June 23, 2019

complete the survey here

Oaklands Sunset Market - Wednesdays, July 3 to September 4, 2019 4:30 - 8:30pm

Find the Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan tent each Oaklands Sunset Market 

July 3, 2019 survey

July 10, 2019 survey

July 17, 2019 survey

July 24, 2019 survey

July 31, 2019 survey

August 7, 2019 survey

August 14, 2019 survey

August 21, 2019 survey

August 28, 2019 survey

September 21, 2019 - Community Visioning Workshop + Garden Tour!  

 Drop in at 10am, 12pm, or 2pm to learn about the Oaklands Neighbourhood Plan and provide your feedback about the future of the Oaklands neighbourhood!

"Choose your own adventure" Oaklands Garden Tour to follow!

Location: Oaklands Chapel

Garden Tour Map: 

If you missed the workshop you can still provide your feedback on the questions asked here. 

October 26, 2019, 2-3:30pm - Emergency Perpardness and Commuity Mapping Event - Oaklands Community Centre 

 This event will follow the City of Victoria's Emergency Reception Centre Exercise from 12:30-2pm. Find all the details here:

Join us for hot chocolate, cider, and a community mapping event. Using maps, and with help from UVIC Community Mapping students, we will talk about the what our community needs to become more resilient in the event of natural disasters. 

What's your plan in case of an emergency? What resources do you want to see in your neighbourhood to help you in case of natural disasters? How can community amenities support getting to know your neighbours and build a stronger, healthier community? 

Have your say about the future of the Oaklands neighbourhood. Whether you live here, work, volunteer, or spend time just having fun, we want to hear your thoughts on the priorities and issues in the Oaklands neighbourhood.

Location: Oaklands Community  Centre, 1-2827 Belmont Ave

Time: 2-3:30pm
Hot chocolate, cider, snacks provided

Learn more at
Questions? Email, or call 250-370-9101 ext.4  

October 30, 2019 - FORWARD 50 Speaker Night at UVIC

See all the event details here

Take the FORWARD 50 Speaker Night Survey here


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